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On Moving (for the 90th time)

I tried really hard to control my destiny. I failed.

Kyle and I wanted to move home to Minnesota. We missed being around our family. We decided that living like human popsicles most of the year was well worth being able to see the people we loved most in under 15 minutes. Plus, Bigfoot lives in Minnesota, which adds an exciting element of mystery.

So we tried. We pushed. We looked for jobs and sent unsolicited cheery emails and prayed things like “PLZ GOD” and thought the more we dug into it, the closer we could get to carving out our own path.

It wasn’t working. We were getting nowhere.

Then, Kyle said the most annoying thing ever.

“Something will happen that is clearly from God. We don’t need to fight for this. He always provides.”

Ugh. The problem with that is, what he provides sometimes isn’t exactly what you have planned. (Note: it is always better though, but my tiny pea brain insists on thinking I am the master of the universe, obviously.)

So, we gave up. We said “we will stay where we are, for one more year. Clearly living by family is not in the cards.”

Then, the phone rings.

All of life’s craziest events seem to happen with one fated phone call.

Long story short, Kyle was in one way essentially made aware of a job opening, he interviewed and then got it.

But not in Minnesota. In Florida. A place that was not even close to being on our radar of next steps.

But guess what - we have family in Florida. And, my immediate family comes here all the time. We have old amazing friends in Florida. We know it here, and are comfortable. We just kinda forgot all that. And, coconuts and mangos can literally grow in your backyard. The sun literally is always shining. And it makes more sense now that my daughter is named Sunny, I guess.

It was one of those “fall in your lap” situations that, like Kyle annoyingly had faith in, seem to always happen, and always seem to be good.

So, here we are. In Florida, again. With people we love and oceans and citrus and a ton of Vit D. Not our own plans, but also not -20 degree temperatures and the possibility of a Bigfoot attack at any moment.

Everything isn't totally clear yet, but on each step of this move God has shown up and provided in ways beyond what we could have imagined. I am going to keep riding that wave for awhile


P.S. I wrote this article that deals with starting over again in a new city, which was creepily more applicable at the time than I even realized. Check it out -

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