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"A gap decade isn't a cute whim of a decision to take a pause and travel to Italy for a few months. Nah. A gap decade is a cluster of challenging, transitional years that the universe just dumps in your lap. And my lap. And pretty much everyone's lap. It's that twilight zone between 'young person' and 'full-blown adult' that sort of washes in, bringing with it a bit of chaos, growth, and self-discovery. It is a few years of flailing around, trying to figure out what the heck is happening as you move from not old to kinda old. From young adult to adult adult."

The gap decade is that sometimes difficult transitional season young adults face in their twenties and early thirties. In this quirky and honest chronicle, Katie Schnack names the awkward realities of living in that gap between adolescence and adulthood. She and her husband go on an unpredictable journey through a decade of never-ending transitions as they make multiple moves across five states, face job interviews and tax returns, and go through anxiety, loss, pregnancy, and countless episodes of The Office.* Along the way, Schnack explores the common experiences of these young adulting years: The uncertainty of waiting when you're stuck and don't know what steps to take. Learning to trust in God's provision when you are broke like a joke. Admitting your need for help when panic attacks strike. And discovering a life full of grace and joys that can't be ordered via two-day delivery.

*Katie has binged all nine seasons of The Office―four times. Don't do the math about how many hours of TV that is. She doesn't want to know.

THE GAP DECADE: When You're Technically An Adult But Really Don't Feel Like it Yet

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"'In between' is my least favorite place to be, and yet much of my twenties felt like living in an endless replay of Britney Spears singing, 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.' Katie invites us to walk through those years in her own life as she shares the ups and downs with wit, humor, and vulnerability. The gift of The Gap Decade is that in reading it, we find we weren't alone in that feeling, and those in-between years were more important than we realized at the time."

-- Lauren Casper, author of

Loving Well in a Broken World

"Fresh, full of life, and fun! Katie weaves humor through the pain of the ever-changing seasons of life in a way that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Her vulnerability and comedic humor capture your heart. Soul good."

-- Kim Dolan Leto, author, podcaster, and faith and fitness expert

"Too many people go through their twenties feeling lonely, angsty, and uncertain. The Gap Decade shows us that these emotions are perfectly common, and we are not alone. With complete hilarity and brutal honesty, Katie Schnack not only normalizes the awkwardness that comes with 'adulting,' but she also inspires action; her willingness to tell the naked truth forces us to take hold of our own journeys and find hope in the struggle. Buckle up for some belly laughs―you won't want to put this book down!"

-- Erica Young Reitz, founder and principal of After College Transition

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