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I'm a medical mom to a son with VACTERL syndrome. Here's what I've learned in my son's 5 years so far.

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Caring For Kids In Flu Season Is Exactly As Hard As You Think It Is

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A whole 'lotta essays!

My Pregnancy Buddy Got Me Through A Scare

That time Ikea actually saved my marriage


I Had a Miscarriage and All I Got Was This Lousy Mustache

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Mommy Bloggers Freak Me Out

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How Adulting Changes Going Home for the Holidays

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5 reasons you deserve that Pumpkin Spice Latte today

Hello Giggles

What It's Really Like to Marry Your Childhood Sweetheart



What to Do When God Calls You to Start Over

I Love Memphis Blog

I am a writer for the I Love Memphis blog, cranking out articles on the reg. Check it out!

Memphis Travel

Also a proud to be a regular writer for Memphis Travel.

High Ground News

Writing even more about my city at High Ground News.

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