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On cooking dinner

If I hear one more advertisement telling me to sign up for Blue Apron, I will punch a floret of organic purple broccoli right in the face.

Every podcast I subscribe to (which at last count is approximately 97,348), hurls Blue Apron at me with an aggressive fury.

Sure, getting food delivered to your doorstep sounds great in theory, but there are two issues:

  1. You still have to take the time to cook it

  2. You still have to do dishes afterward

If you are anything like us, after a long crazy day of daycare drop off, working, email cleaning, client calling, daycare pick up, then toddler chasing maddness, at about 5:30 p.m., you look like this:

I love cooking healthy food, and do it as much as I can. But, a bag of frozen gluten free chicken nuggets has on more than one occasion been a saving grace to our little family.

And, I have learned to be ok with that. Because you know what? Sometimes, something has to give. And when my options boil down to my sanity or spending a very hangry hour at the stove while my sweet baby girl screams and shoves way too many sweet potato chips in her mouth at one time, I choose sanity.

Bring on the nuggets.

This lesson has gone far beyond just cooking this past wild year of my life. A lot of things lately come down to two options: sanity, or doing the thing I don’t really want to do.

I choose sanity, and I hope you do too. You deserve it. <3

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