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Speak boldly or forever hold your peace

So, I went to college at Palm Beach Atlantic University. I swear it is a real school. It sits a mile from the ocean and just a few hours from the Florida Keys. Studying fit somewhere in between those two. It was paradise, in more ways than one.

There was a guy who worked in the cafeteria there named Christian Sampson. Everyday, Christian would walk up to you and ask you how you were doing. You would say good, how about you? And everyday, without fail, he would say “I am blessed by the best,” and then share with you his Bible verse of the day.

If I am going to be honest, it kinda freaked me out, even though I love myself a Bible verse and also believe I am “blessed by the best.” It was just so …unusual…for someone to day after day walk up to people he didn’t even know and so, so unabashedly share his faith, beliefs and blessings.

Christian, on Dec. 26 2013 posted on Facebook “I will walk in victory with Jesus in 2013.”

That next Sunday, on his way to church, he died. He just died.

I think about him sometimes.

Looking back, at him and his faith and his boldness and his sweet, kind heart, I don’t feel uncomfortable. I feel amazed. Amazed at this man who day after day was persistent, fearless and bold about his beliefs, faith and hope. Who really, really loved Jesus, and wanted others to feel the same. It made me sad that I don’t live my life with that same boldness and fearlessness.

What is it in your life you want to be more bold about? Whether it be proclaiming your faith or claiming your dreams, what can you do this year to be bold, fearless and passionate? You may even change a few lives in the process – an amazing added bonus, duh.

Be bold humans, be bold.

Love, Katie

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