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My life is not my own

My life is not my own and I write to give it away.

Jennie Allen

I was perusing through awesome writer Jennie Allen‘s blog the other day and came across this tiny, gem of a sentence. She put into words how I have felt about writing for awhile, but had not really been able to express. Being able to write, or do any other form of art in even a remotely good way, is such a gift. And whether you think it comes from God or not, how awesome it is that we can use those gifts to simply better the lives of others…if only for a short while. When people email me and tell me how one of my pathetic blog posts made them laugh, or made them feel like they were not the only crazy person out in the universe, it makes my soul bubble like a hoppy, delicious beer. (That was a random analogy. I think I may just be craving a beer. Don’t judge me!) The point is -it feels awesome when people are affected by my writing.

Maybe you are a photographer, and are able to capture the beauty of a young family or bride on her wedding day. Or a songwriter and you craft a tune that makes people dance like dorks at weddings or cry like sappy losers as they drive down the highway alone. Or an actor, who can make people laugh, hope, and forget about mundane life, if only until intermission.

I have come to realize that the reason we create is not just to satisfy our creative itch, or to live out some cool, artsy persona – but it is to serve others. If what we do makes people happy, reminds them of the beautiful, juicy parts of life, or just flat out makes people laugh – who are we to keep that to ourselves? I think about this now when I don’t feel like writing, when I feel stupid for chasing my crazy writing dreams, or I would flat out just rather to sit on the couch and watch Netflix with my husband. Writing for me, and whatever it is that you create, is an awesome way to give back to the world – so get ‘er done!

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