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What inspires you? Besides eating cheese.

What inspires you?

For me it is color, antiques, laughter, paint, Jesus, patterns, my husband… In no particular order.

But do you ever find yourself so bogged down by this weird thing called ‘life’ that you forget to let a little inspiration in?

Especially if you are in a creative field (writing!), is not being inspired of the upmost importance? (‘upmost importance’ sounds really pretentious. Just pretend I am British and it will flow nicely)

This past year my brain has been overwhelmed by really terrible things like -making money. finding a job. getting published. paying bills. buying healthcare. – that the sparkle of life kinda dissipated. I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t painting, I wasn’t sewing, I wasn’t making jewelry … I wasn’t writing. My shoulders had more knots in them than a fishing net and I grew three wrinkles. THREE. Disgusting. Fortunately, I am begining to fight my way out of this dark pit of uninspired ridiculousness – I am writing again, I am painting a little, and I have allowed myself to spontaneously break out in living room dance parties with my husband again. (The Texas two-step is our dance of choice.)

This week my goal is to spend at least five minutes every day getting inspired. Whether it be drawing a picture, browsing through Pinterest, or working on my book, I am going to force myself to spend time focusing on things that give me

Have you let inspiration fall to the wayside? What gets your creative juices flowing again? Share!

I love you.

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