February 14, 2015

Over the past 15 or so years I have been with my husband (aka forever) he has told me I look like the witch from Robin Hood multiple times. I was always envisioning like a ‘Glenda the Good Witch’ type of character, as certainly that is how my loving husband sees me. Today, he told me yet again that I resemble the Robin Hood witch, and I finally made him google her, something I should have done years ago.


Ladies and Gentlemen – here is my doppelganger, according to the love of my life:




I asked my sister her opinion - DOES SHE AGREE WITH THIS MADDNESS. Here is how the convo went:


Me: Do you think I look like this lady?


Sister: Yes! Maybe in like 45 years.


“Hey kids, Aunt katie is coming over!!!”


Kids: “noooo!!!!!!!!!”


Awesome. My family is awesome.




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